Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trading Here Since 1972

     The Publix that I shop at is going through a remodel   Because of this remodel, the items have been moved all over the store.  It is driving me a little crazy.  Particularly because it seems to not make sense.  Candy on the same aisle as "I Love Daytona Beach" shirts?  I feel like I am at Wal-Mart where the mushrooms are next to the motor oil.
     But, the changing of aisles is really driving my 81 year-old father over the edge.  "My seltzer water has always been in the same spot and now I can't find it," he complains.  Which is not entirely true because the Publix used to be on the other side of the shopping center, so it could not have ALWAYS been in the same spot.  My favorite is when he bellows, "I have been tradin' here since 1972 and I now I can't find a darn thing!"  Tradin', he actually uses the tern tradin' as if he secured his horse to the post when he went to Publix in 1972. But the really funny thing about that comment is he never set foot in Publix when I was a kid.  My mother and the housekeeper did all of the shopping.  I guess he considers it a personal affront that Publix dared to changer things without consulting him since so much of his paycheck over the years has landed in its cash register.

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