Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Boat

     This is Annie. Also known as Anna Banana, Banana Boat, and The Boat.  She came into our lives two years ago.  She crawled out of the woods, near death, and landed on my in-laws' porch.  It was the day after Christmas, and they were headed to the mountains.  My tender-hearted husband could not handle the thought of a poor dog left to fend for herself on a night when it was supposed to be in the 20's.  He drove the two hours north and picked up this poor flea covered creature.  It was late in the evening, so we had to take her to the emergency vet.  Between a two week long "hospital" stay at our vet and the emergency vet, Annie ended up costing more than buying a purebred from a fine breeder.
     She has been worth every penny.  She is fiercely protective and has become our Great Dane's playmate. She does not like many people, and we figure that because of all of the scars on her, she had to fight for everything since she was a puppy.  But, she is one of the most loving dogs I have ever had.  She likes to snuggle up under me whether I am reading, sleeping, or working.  She follows me wherever I go, and if she had her choice, she would get in the car with me every time I leave the house.
     My brother gave her the name Annie as in Little Orphan Annie, and we are happily her Daddy Warbucks.

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